We normally desist from speculating but since the web is full of this idea that Nissan has decided to bring in the Datsun brand to developing markets such as India, Russia, Indonesia and Brazil by 2014, we thought we will write our opinion on this.  This speculation has been around for sometime with the first round claiming that Nissan will bring in some of their old platforms on which they will build inexpensive cars but now some are claiming that this is the V platform with cheaper parts and different looking cars.  The question one has to ask is why does Nissan need to resurrect the Datsun badge that it retired nearly 30 years ago?  Some say that Nissan has premium image and does not want to dilute that image.  Our perception is Nissan has no brand recall in India, premium or otherwise. If at all the Datsun brand is coming it will be for the reasons originally cited, old platforms and inexpensive cars.  But even that is a risky proposition for Nissan, since over a period of time the connection between the two will be made.  So in our opinion the Datsun brand will continue to rest in its grave.  Simply because Nissan does not need it.