Hyundai I20 Facelift

This is the facelifted i20 from Hyundai that will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show and will then be launched in all markets including India.  In our article reviewing the displays of various manufacturers we had written that the i20 was the first car that actually had the DNA of what Hyundai later started calling fluidic architecture when it launched the Verna.  The picture above and the one below will show you how little Hyundai have had to tamper with the existing i20 to make it look fluidic.  Despite giving the same kind of treatment to the i10 and Eon, they do not look like the entire architecture of the car is fluidic.

Hyundai I20 Facelift1

Here are the pics of the old i20

Hyundai I20 Old Hyundai I20 Old1