The first of the products that Suzuki Motorcycles India showcased at the Auto Expo has been launched.  The Swish 125cc scooter shares the mechanicals with the Access scooter which has done well for Suzuki and has kept the Suzuki flag flying while most of its motorcycle offerings have fallen by the wayside.  The Access has a waiting period but the perception about the Access was that it looked a little too staid and therefore suited the middle aged male.  To draw younger folk into the Suzuki family, the Swish125 has been launched.  Well the name is funky, even though we do not know what it is supposed to mean (it can mean rustling, effeminate, silky, or the sound of a cane when it is swung in the air) since it is more like a sound than a word.  But it does look smashing or should we say swishy and we are sure it will bolster Suzuki’s presence in the scooter segment further.  Now we wait for the launch of the Hayate motorcycle and hope that it turns around Suzuki’s motorcycle fortunes.

Suzuki Swish 125 on display Auto Expo 2012