The year 2011 has been horrible for Honda.  First the tsunami in Japan and later the floods in Thailand have not only set back its production objectives severely but also have caused Honda to scrap a lot of cars that were manufactured since they were submerged under water.  These problems adversely impacted on its India operations as well and even the slow selling Jazz along with the newly launched Brio was not available in the Indian market.  Honda is a resilient company and has managed to find a way around its difficulties by sourcing components from its other factories.  Honda cars’ production is now getting back to normal with the resumption of the production of the Brio which now has a waiting list of over 7,000 customers.  Honda has said that it will resume the production of the Jazz at the end of February.  All customers who have booked Honda cars can now look forward to receiving deliveries of the same in the near future.