2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with ADAPTIVE ESP 9i

You’ve probably met the Sprinter’s ancestor, the Tempo Traveller, sold globally by Mercedes-Benz as the T1 van until it was replaced by the Sprinter in 1995. The Sprinter underwent a major overhaul in 2006 and continues to be sold today. The second generation Sprinter also shares its platform and body shell with the Volkswagen LT.

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced the ADAPTIVE ESP 9i for the Sprinter which will replaced the ADAPTIVE ESP 8.1 in January 2012. Just like the ADAPTIVE ESP 8.1 safety system, ESP 9i takes the vehicle load into account. Depending on the weight and the position of the vehicle’s centre of gravity, the ESP sensors determine the vehicle load and ensure that ESP 9i can stabilise the vehicle with individually modulated intervention action, at any time.

This new ESP system will also intervene selectively if a trailer begins to sway, thus helping drivers to stabilise their vehicle and trailer combination.

Brake Disc Wipe

One of the prominent safety features of ESP 9i is the Brake Disc Wipe. In wet weather, light braking pressure is applied to the wheel brake at regular intervals to wipe the film of water off the brake disc. If emergency braking occurs, full braking power is immediately available. This shortens the braking distance and gives the driver the few metres that could prevent a mishap.

Electronic Brake Prefill

When the accelerator pedal is released suddenly, the brake pads will be gently applied automatically, removing the air gap between brake pad and disc. If the driver attempts an emergency stop, the surfaces of the pads and discs will already be in contact, and gives the driver the extra few seconds. This functionality also reduces stopping distance which, depending on the circumstances, will help avoid an accident.

The new ESP 9i comes at no extra cost. The Sprinter is a favourite world over, and India is no stranger to the Sprinter. The Sprinter has been used by the Leela Group of Hotels in Mumbai and Bangalore to transport their guests in style and comfort, and also has been used as an ambulance by the Apollo group of hospitals.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter used by Leela Group in India

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter used by Leela Group in IndiaMercedes-Benz Sprinter used by Apollo Hospitals in India

Photo Courtesy: Team-Bhp