Tata Motors is determined about pushing the sales of the Nano to respectable figures.  Despite the car having an extremely troubled start in the Indian market with difficulties pertaining to setting up factory at Singur, then literally fighting fires that engulfed a couple of cars and a lot of negative talk about the car, Tata Motors’ head Ratan Tata himself is adamant that the product and the technology are sound and that the car has a future in the Indian car bazaar.  In order to prove the commitment to the car, Tata has upgraded the Nano with a raft of new features such as reprogrammed ECU that takes the power of the car to 37 PS, up 2 PS from the present 35 PS, a little more torque and better interiors.  The top end LX version will come in beige interiors with a dash of silver on the central console, the CX will come in all black interiors and the base model with medium graphite shaded interiors.  The LX model will also get an left hand side outside rear view mirror, something that is sorely needed.  One hopes that this car which is fundamentally sound rakes in some more numbers to make it respectable in sales terms.