With petrol prices reaching the outer expanses of our solar system, it has now become a necessity to have cars that either run on diesel or LPG or CNG.  In the absence of a diesel engine the best alternative happens to be an LPG run car since the petrol engine hardly requires any modification and also because LPG is available in more filling stations than CNG.  Maruti first offered factory fitted LPG kit on the Wagon R Duo and GM has also started offering the Chevrolet Beat with the option.  Hyundai has decided that for the i10 to not lose out too much to the competition has decided to offer the car with an LPG option and is carrying the car i10 Blue Drive LPG.  The advantage of LPG apart from better mileage is also cleaner emissions and Hyundai has taken a leaf out of Mercedes Benz’s book by taking recourse to “blue” as being the representation of “green” or environmental friendliness.