The last MotoGP race of this season has been done and dusted.  The oldest surviving category the 125cc class has finally come to an end and along with it the era of two stroke racing.  From 2012 on, there will only be four stroke categories in GP racing with the apex MotoGP allowing engines up to 1000cc, the next Moto2 allowing engines up to 600cc  (but all supplied by Honda to be put into various different chassis chosen by teams) and now the new Moto3 class featuring 250cc engines in bikes built entirely built by manufacturers or as engines and chassis outsourced from various manufacturers.  Honda and KTM have committed to the class as full fledged manufacturers and also as suppliers of engines and Indian manufacturer Mahindra has also joined the fray with fully constructed bikes that it will build with the help of Engines Engineering and Oral Engineering.  Mahindra will field two motorcycles with their regular riders Marcel Schrotter and Danny Webb. It is also being speculated that it may even offer engines for teams racing with other chassis.