Jaguar Front Wheel Drive Baby Saloon

Pic Courtesy: Autocar UK

Autocar has revealed that it has found from its sources that Jaguar is readying a front wheel drive architecture car to take on the A3 from Audi and the new front wheel drive A class car from Mercedes Benz.  Autocar also says that Jaguar’s move to front wheel drive architecture in a car measuring about 4.5 metres in length is dictated by the necessity to have a car that can be sold in big numbers in emerging markets like India and China and also to be able to meet the fuel efficiency norms that will kick in in the United States of America from 2012 onward.  The picture of the detailing of the car that Autocar is quite interesting.  For more on the car do head to Autocar

UPDATE:One of our car design mad correspondents has just pointed out that the render below is that of the Jaguar Bertone B99 Concept presented at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and not Jaguar’s proposed front wheel drive not-to-be-a-budget model.
What was Autocar India even thinking?

Please find above the actual render of the baby saloon, and do thank those fine blokes at Autocar UK.

Pic Courtesy: Autocar