ESTD, a part of Interglobe the aviation company that runs Air Indigo, will be bringing the Ariel Atom to India soon.  ESTD is in the business of bringing ultra luxury, super fast and high tech life style cars and motorcycles to India.  It is responsible for bringing the Vyrus brand of motorcycles to India and is now poised to bring the famous Ariel Atom car into India.  Following the unveiling of the Buddh International Circuit, sports car manufacturer Caterham has launched its products in India.  Now the Ariel Atom, which is nothing but a trellis frame with suspension components and Honda’s Mugen tuned i-VTEC engines along with two seats is coming to India.  The Honda engine will power the 450kg car and will do insane speeds in insane times.  Like the Aventador, the Atom3 can do 0-100 km/h in less than three seconds.  The Atom range will cost between Rs. 50-60 lakhs.  The car like the Caterham is more for circuit racing and in India along with the Buddh Circuit, the ones at Sriperumbudur and Coimbatore can become the playgrounds for those wanting to feel the adrenaline rush.