Over 350 passionate clients, Ferrari tifosi and collectors participated in yesterday’s charity auction held at Zojoji, the main temple of the Jodo-Buddhists, which makes for a spectacular sight at the foot of the Tokyo Tower.

At the Japan Premiere of 458 Spider, the Ferrari’s new exclusive 8-cylinder model, Ferrari held a special charity auction to further support the city of Ishinomaki, the region severely hit by the earthquake in Japan last March.

Joined by surprise guests, the F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, who had just finished the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka at the weekend, the auction was a great success. Special items, including the nose cone of the 150th Italia, the F1 car with the famous “Gambare Nippon” message displayed at the opening Grand Prix of 2011 season in Melbourne were auctioned.

Following the charity auction held in July at the FF Japan Launch at the Italian Embassy where Ferrari raised over 53 million yen, over 12 million yen was raised by the Ferrari Owners Club of Japan, which will be added to this event’s donation of another 8 million yen. The total donations collected by Ferrari has now reached over 70 million yen, which will enable Ishinomaki to build two after-school facilities.