Despite rumblings from both Fiat and Tata about how their JV was not working very well, it has now emerged that both sides have decided to continue with it in India.  A few months ago Ratan Tata himself talked about the necessity to critically take a relook at the JV to see what was going wrong so that the goals of the JV could be met successfully.  However the motoring press has been speculating that the two JV partners could part ways.  Now it has emerged that that will not be the case.  Both parties have a lot resting in the JV and parting ways could spell disaster especially for Fiat whose reputation in India plummetted thanks to a failed JV with the erstwhile Premier Automobiles Limited.  Tata too uses Fiat engines, both petrol and diesel, in its Indica and Indigo range of cars and it is also in its own interests to ensure that the JV works.