Maruti Suzuki has revealed that it is cutting down the production of the A Star, Alto, Estilo, Wagon R and the Ritz citing sluggish demand and inventory pile up.  The surprise here is the Ritz.  The A Star has not been doing what was expected of it with number of vehicles sold steadily dwindling to less than thousand units last month.  That therefore is no surprise.  The Estilo also has a lukewarm demand and the absence of a diesel engine has seen its sales also dip though not to the extent of the A Star.  The Wagon R also must be hurting due to the lack of diesel engine option when petrol prices gone up through the stratosphere.  The same could be be true of the Alto as well.  The surprise is the Ritz which has a diesel engine option and is built on the same platform as the old Swift.  One would have thought the demand for the diesel Ritz would have picked up in the absence of the Swift (the old model is no longer made and the new one is yet to be launched).  However, it is well known that Maruti has taken bookings of more than 40,000 for the new Swift and may concentrate on its production to clear the backlogs quickly and not lose out to competition.