For sometime now there has been talk of the Indica Vista from Tata receiving a facelift to rekindle dwindling interest in the car.  Photo shopped images of the Vista with the front end of the sedan version, the Manza, have been doing the rounds.  Now yet again, Autocar, has got the real thing and better still the full monty.  It has pictures sent to it by its reader Raghul Sivaguru and the car does see the front end of the Manza on the Vista.  The double barrel head lamps, new front bumper, chrome grille are the prominent features of the front while at the back there is a little bit of a tweaking of the tail lamps and an applique bar just below the rear windscreen with the Tata logo in the middle of it.  For those who have hated the console on the present Indica with the speedometer in the centre there is some good news.  The console of the Indica Vista now is the same as in the Manza.  We think all this is very nice.  But now what of the Manza?  Any changes there too?  Tata cars’ sales have been dropping like bricks and it needs to arrest that.  With the Nano performing erratically at best, a lot rests on the Vista and the Manza.

Pics Courtesy: Autocar


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