A Yacht on four wheels is what Mercedes-Benz claims the Viano Vision Pearl is. Designed as a functional yet stylish living space, the Viano Vision Pearl will be presented at Frankfurt at this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) in September.

Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl

As is to be expected from what could be the S-Class of the van world,a full leather interior in white/grey, wood floor, brushed aluminium trim, chromatically tinting windows and the Bang & Olufsen high-end sound­ system “BeoSound Viano” will pamper the six occupants, like only a three pointed star badged automobile can. An output of 1320 watts (the S-Class has 1200 watts) and 18 integrated, specially hand-built loudspeakers, ensures the vehicle occupants are treated to an outstanding listening experience. The loudspeakers are located in their own housings, so very little sound volume escapes to the outside.

“We want to show what can be done with the Viano. The Viano Vision Pearl is not merely a functional van, but also a stylishly designed living space,” says Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “We have created a vehicle which combines generous spaciousness with an impressive design. Anybody who attaches importance to stress-free and at the same time stylish travel will find that the Viano Vision Pearl is the ideal companion. The interior design and technical features make the Viano Vision Pearl the S-Class among vans.”

Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl Interiors

The name Vision Pearl emphasises both the design concept and the repositioning of the Viano: the Viano of the future is the perfect travelling companion, and in this version it conveys a modern, maritime theme.

Mercedes-Benz, bring this baby to India and price it stratospherically and it will still sell. What’s that cliched expression? Like hot cakes.