Next year sees the introduction of the CRTs (Claiming Rules Teams) which can use a production 1000cc engine in a prototype chassis.  The Marc VDS team that is headed by Michael Bartholomy, the head of the wound up Kawasaki MotoGP effort have been using a Suter chassis with a BMW 1000cc engine in it for sometime now.  Monday was supposed to be the first time that Yamaha would test their 1000cc prototype motorcycle along with the Honda and Ducati 1000cc MotoGP machines for next year.  Ducati cried off from the test since it had already used many of its allotted testing days, thanks to Valentino Rossi and Honda too decided to stay away perhaps to not show its hand.  Yamaha followed suit and the Monday test at Mugello became the final test for the 800cc MotoGP machines but the Marc VDS CRT MotoGP machine did participate with its 1000cc engine.  It was nearly six seconds slower than the record smashing lap of Casey Stoner.  One hopes that the CRT teams will be able to put up respectable timings, otherwise what is the point in having more numbers just for the heck of it?