Reports emanating from Japan suggest that Nissan is seriously considering the reintroduction of the Datsun brand in the BRICSA countries.  BRICSA is Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  The Datsun brand was phased out in 1986 but Nissan has plans of making inexpensive and affordable cars for the developing countries markets and now wants to use Datsun for those cars.  In India Nissan has plans of introducing two hatchback cars based on older platforms of some of the cars. These cars will have a new and stylish body even though the mechanicals will be a bit dated.  It was reported then itself that the Datsun brand would be reintroduced.  Interestingly in certain parts of India such as Hyderabad the Datsun brand has a very good recall.  This is mainly because the International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics (Icrisat) imported Datsun cars.  The most visible of the Datsuns was the Bluebird model apart from a few Estate models as well.  It would be interesting to see if the Datsun brand will be resurrected.