LML which started life as Lohia Machines Limited in the mid 1980s with a scooter in collaboration with Piaggio named Vespa XE enjoyed a fair amount of success.  Later the company was taken over by the Singhanias and it became LML limited and launched 150cc scooters such as the NV, the Select and the Supremo etc.  LMLs fortunes nosedived in the late 1990s and the company was shut but it was revived a couple of years ago and now sells scooters only in the northern part of the country where there is still some demand for geared scooters.  LML has now launched a four stroke scooter in the Select range and has announced plans of exporting scooters and motorcycles and also regaining a pan India foot print.  LML made motorcycles such as the Adreno and Energy, Freedom and Graptor based on technical inputs from Korea’s Daelim Motorcycles.  When LML split with Piaggio it also retained the rights for a twist and go scooter of 125cc capacity which it never launched in India.  Now LML according to some websites is going to launch this product and some motorcycles as well.  Will it be another false start?  We have an open mind on that.