The deliveries of the new Fiesta from Ford are yet to begin but speculation about what will be the next launch of Ford in India has already begun.  Most of the speculation stems from the fact that Ford has talked about introducing eight new cars in the next four years and also is scouting for another manufacturing facility (reports indicate that Gujarat is its favoured destination).  Alan Mullaly the man who heads Ford globally has created a One Ford strategy which basically sees Ford selling the same models in all parts of the world. This is another reason behind speculation about the next Ford model for India. has reported that the next model will most likely be the Focus, a car that falls into the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and the Chevrolet Cruze segment.  Ford has a small hatch in the form of the Figo, the City, Vento segment challengers now in the new Fiesta as well as the Fiesta Classic (the older model) so the next step is to go higher and that is where the Focus fits.  Logical, but is this logic is what Ford is pursuing?  We have no idea whatsoever.