For all their machismo on track and bravado in talks with the press, it is now clear the whole MotoGP paddock including Moto2 and 125cc riders is in reality a bunch of sissies.  The Jorge Lorenzo-Valentino Rossi rivalry which has been much publicized has now presented itself in its true colours.  Lorenzo and Rossi are friends as is Casey Stoner the small sized but big mouthed Australian.  They have all fought in public in the past but now they are all united by their fear of nuclear radiation at Motegi.  The FIM has decided that the Motegi race will be reinstated into the MotoGP calender but there is severe opposition from the lily livered riders who are scared of the adverse effects of radiation even though the scientific community has given a green signal and an assurance that there is no radiation that is significant.  Lorenzo in fact questioned the judgement of the scientists suggesting that he knows better.  Lorenzo should go back to sucking lollipops and planting Lorenzo Land flags in his backyard while Rossi should use his clowning talents to keep his Italian audiences happy.  And Stoner, it is obvious that his ambition far outweighs his courage.