2012 BMW 1-Series Design Sketches2012 BMW 1-Series Design Sketches

Not the most good looking BMW, but we believe you can never get enough of the mile long bonnet, especially in the ‘compact’ segment.

The 2012 1 Series retains the BMW kidney grille, which is tilted forwards, in a move that BMW says adds emphasis to the challenging stance of the car. Four contour lines on the bonnet form a V that points towards the grille. The typical BMW double-round headlights have accent trim across their tops. The direction indicators set into the inner light rings of the headlights and an LED accent light also has a place.  In a first on BMW, the side indicator lights are integrated in the exterior mirrors.

2012 BMW 1-Series Design Sketches2012 BMW 1-Series Design Sketches


2012 BMW 1-Series Design Sketches Interior2012 BMW 1-Series Design Sketches Interior


2012 BMW 1-Series Side Indicators2012 BMW 1-Series Headlamp Details

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2012 BMW 1-Series

From the side, the proportions of the new BMW 1 Series are even more strikingly apparent. The slightly sloping roof line, sporty, angled rear windscreen and flat side windows give the car a coupé-like feel, while the Hofmeister kink – the low forward bend at the back end of the side windows – extends well into the C-pillar, making the door aperture wider and facilitating entry to and exit from the rear seats.

The design quality of the new BMW 1 Series, which is unique in the compact segment, is particularly evident in the distinctive BMW lines and dramatically curved surfaces. The characteristic BMW swage line starts at the front sidewall and rises continuously to the rear lights, its boldness giving powerful emphasis to the shoulder area, with the door openers neatly integrated into the swage line. An additional character line below the doors flows sharply upwards into the outline of the rear wheel arch. The sill line provides a similarly dynamic touch, running parallel to the road and then rising steeply at the rear wheel arch, which is nicely echoed by the outlines of the side windows. The size of the rear wheel arches draws attention to its rear-wheel-drive layout which is the reason for its excellent dynamic responses.

The wide-set wheel arches reinforce the broad, powerful impression created by the back of the new BMW 1 Series. The wide-opening, slightly concave tailgate is opened by pressing the top section of the BMW emblem that sits at its centre, and the rear lights are also set well apart, creating a strong horizontal emphasis that is heightened by their deep surrounds.

There are optional xenon headlights, and the rear lights consist of L-shaped banks of LEDs. An additional brake light is set into the roof spoiler. The outline of the rear apron echoes that of the front bumper, while the V-shaped emblem surround leads the eye towards the road surface, emphasizing the new BMW 1 Series’ stable roadholding.