If the MotoGP grapevine is to be believed then the answer is yes.  We had brought you a report that as many as thirteen new teams with twenty one riders have been chosen to go through to the next round of application to become a part of the MotoGP grid for next year.  It is believed that most of these applications are from teams that want to be a part of the claiming rules or Moto1 as some are calling them.  It has now emerged that Norton has submitted a two bike entry but this will not come under the Claiming Rules Teams or Moto1.  It is being suggested that Norton will be offered the same rules that factory teams have to work with but like Suzuki will be given three extra engines to play with, which means nine engines per bike for the season instead of the six that others have at their disposal.  Norton will be allowed only 21 litres of fuel and not 24 like CRTs or Moto1 teams.  How much truth there is in this whole thing will become clear by the 4th of June at Catalunya when the FIM will reveal all.