Danica Patrick is motor racing’s hot property.  She is not only talented but also good looking, a combination that is potent.  To make things worse, Danica posed in bikini photo shoots in the past.  Bernie Ecclestone the geriatric ring master of Formula1 wanted Danica Patrick in Formula1.  Ms. Patrick however does not seem to leave Stateside and has dabbled in a limited way in NASCAR while still being a part of the Indycar grid.  But now it seems Danica has decided to go full time to NASCAR starting next year with a few outings in the Sprint Cup and a full time assault on the apex Sprint Cup from 2013 onwards.  Some are saying that this is NASCAR’s gain and Indycar’s loss.  We believe it is nobody’s loss or gain.  Come one this isn’t a movie, right?  So let us be sensible.