This is one question that is truly confounding us.  We read reports that the KTM Duke 125cc which was developed by KTM and Bajaj will be launched in India by the end of the year.  Then there were reports that said that the bike in its 125cc guise will be too small and too expensive for a market like India so India will get a 200cc version of the bike.  Then again reports say that it is going to be 125cc only.  The usually garrulous Rajiv Bajaj does not have much to say about this.  There are a couple of things to consider here.  Irrespective of the cubic capacity the bike which is supposed to have been jointly developed by KTM (in which Bajaj has a marginally over 39% share) and Bajaj in India and that which is being manufactured in India by Bajaj, should not have a high list price.  That is supposed to be the advantage of doing things in India.  But all reports suggest that this bike will be expensive.  If that is true then the bike will have a difficulty selling because KTM is not a big name in India.  But again all this speculation.  We reserve our judgement till the time the specs and the price are announced.