Yeah, but then who wants to buy it?  That is a very big question.  During the early 1970s when the Innocenti company of Italy shut shop for good, the dies and designs owned by the company were bought over by the Indian Government under the Prime Ministership of Indira Gandhi.  Innocenti were the manufacturers of the renowned Lambretta line of scooters that were as popular as Vespa scooters from Piaggio.  Like most European manufacturers Innocenti just could not withstand the Japanese onslaught and therefore the closure.  Innocenti had previously licenced the Lambretta brand name and certain models of scooter under it to Automotive Products of India.  The Government of India created a new company called Scooters India Limited and manufactured newer models of the Lambretta line up under the Vijai brand.  The scooter was first sold as Vijai Deluxe and later on as Vijai Super.  Scooters India Limited licenced the manufacture of this scooter to Karnataka Scooters Limited who sold it under the brand name of Falcon and also to Andhra Pradesh Scooters Limited (a part of the State Govt owned Hyderabad Allwyn) who first sold the scooter as Vijai Pushpak and subsequently as Allwyn Pushpak.  Karnataka Scooters signed an agreement with BSA of England to manufacture under licence the BSA GT 50 which was sold in India as the BSA Falcon GT 50.  Karnataka Scooters later on sold out to Brooke Bond of India who called it the BSA Bond GT 50.  The bike was a almost styled like a motocross bike and featured a monoshock arrangement at the back and featured a high strung engine that wailed and howled as the revs climbed up.  This bike bombed in the market and that was the end of the company that started as Karnataka Scooters Limited.  The other company Andhra Pradesh Scooters Limited took advantage of the fact that the Government of India opened up some more licences for two wheeler manufacture.  It entered into a collaboration with Piaggio to make the PVX model of Piaggio and called it the Vespa PL 170 with the PL standing for pay load and the 170 for 170 kg.  Though the scooter was well received initially it bombed later especially since Lohia Machines Limited (later on just LML) also manufactured a Vespa in collaboration with Piaggo and called it the Vespa XE.  Though both scooters were of a hundred cc the XE was a bigger scooter and the puny looking PL 170 was seen as no competition.  Finally Andhra Pradesh Scooters shut down along with Hyderabad Allwyn.  Through all this Scooters India Limited persisted.  It tried making the Lambretta Cento a 100cc scooter and also the Vikram three wheeler based on Lambretta three wheelers.  While the scooters disappeared the three wheelers have continued selling in Lucknow and other areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.  SIL is based in Lucknow.  Every once in a while there has been talk of reviving or selling the company but nothing has happened either way.  The company has accumulated losses and a big workforce so it is difficult to see who will want to buy this.  A couple of years ago there were rumours that Piaggio would buy the company but nothing has happened on that front.