Hot on the heels of the news that Toyota is getting back to normal production on the 20th of this month, comes the news that the Etios Liva hatchback will not be delayed any further.  Toyota had originally intended to launch the Liva by February or March of 2011 but the unprecedented demand for the Etios and the capacity constraints that Toyota had meant that it was concentrating on clearing the backlog of Etios bookings and therefore decided to delay the launch of the Liva.  June was the month that was tentatively identified for the launch of the Liva.  The cutting back on production by Toyota led to speculation that the Liva launch would be further delayed.  Now the resumption of normal production has once again started the speculation process with automobile websites claiming that the June schedule will be maintained for the launch.  Interestingly Toyota has never officially said anything about the Liva launch except that they were delaying it to clear bookings of Etios.  Everything else has been journalists’ speculation.