Piaggio has been India for sometime now making the three wheeled cargo version of the Ape and also the passenger version.  While the passenger version is less seen, the cargo version is more easily visible especially in urban areas.  Piaggio has launched the Ape Truk, which is a four wheeled version of the Ape or a quadricycle to take on competition from the Tata Ace.  Force Motors too had to do the same launching the Trump on the originally three wheeled Minidor.  After Tata launched the passenger version of the Ace as the Magic Ace the competition has felt the heat and Force Motors has launched passenger version of the Trump and Mahindra has launched the Maxximo in both passenger and cargo versions. Piaggio does not want to be left behind so it is launching a four wheeled passenger version of the Ape Truk.  But it will be a while before the product hits the market place.