Bajaj Auto Chairman Rahul Bajaj has said that Bajaj will only make a load carrier on the ULC platform.  He opined that the Renault-Nissan alliance will make a car on the same platform and sell it under whatever brand name they wished to sell.  Renault however has said that it has not come to any conclusion about the proposed low cost car and will do so only if they feel that it meets the norms of being a proper car.  In the recent past Rajiv Bajaj the MD of Bajaj Auto has said that this platform is a four wheeler or a quadricycle and if that is the case it is unlikely that it will meet the norms of a proper car.  A quadricycle is when an extra wheel is attached to a three wheeler platform.  Bajaj makes the ubiquitous autorickshaw and it is believed that the ULC platform is nothing but an additional wheel attached to the autorickshaw platform.