Craig Pollock, the former manager of Jacque Villeneuve who was known be very ambitious is back in F1 or so it seems.  Pollock was the man behind the creation of British American Racing team after buying out Tyrell F1 team and bringing big tobacco money from British American Tobacco.   BAT pulled out with tightening of anti tobacco laws and the team became Honda’s factory effort before moving on to Ross Brawn and now becoming Mercedes F1 team.  Pollock had been out of the F1 scene for a while now, but has returned with the ambitious PURE which stands for Propulsion Universelle et Recuperation d’Energie, to make 1.6 litre turbo charged four cylinder engines to be supplied to teams that want them at a relatively low cost.  In his usual style of functioning Pollock has put together a consortium involving many specialists in various areas including Mecachrome who made engines for Renault.  One of the reasons for the collapse of BAR was too many elements tugging in different directions.  Pollock has dived into troubled waters with a lot of weight.  There is an ongoing dispute about the engine formula from 2013 with some teams opposing the four cylinder turbo charger formula.  Pollock’s ventures are known to break under their own weight so this could be the same.