Now this is a complete bummer.  All this while we were innocently believing that the huge trucks used by racing teams carried only motorcycles, spare parts, tools and mechanics.  In a mind numbing news it has been revealed that Kawasaki World Superbike Team’s truck was stopped in the border of Italy when it was on its way to Monza and the police found a hand gun and ammunition to go with it, 8Kg of Cocaine, 100 Kg of Cannabis and 71 kg of amphitemine pills.  So what do we infer?  Kawasaki team trucks are also used as transporters of illegal merchandise or is it that Kawasaki team personnel are drug addicts? If it is the latter then it is good indication why Kawasaki always wins the wooden spoon without dispute and if it is the former, then this must be Kawasaki’s way of finding additional funding for the one extra bike that they added this year.  Paul Bird who runs the team must be in some serious soup as must be the truck driver and mechanics who were acting as the “Transporter(s)”.  And we complain that movies are having a bad effect on our kids.