Boy oh boy, don’t we Indians love to talk big.  Some years ago the Andhra Pradesh Government wanted to build an F1 track and host the Indian GP in Hyderabad when the city had (and still does not have) a proper road infrastructure to transport huge loads of equipment from airport to the venue.  In those days Hyderabad did not even have the new and bigger airport but the then Chief Minister talked about hosting a race and even led an entourage of film stars and socialites to meet one Bernie Ecclestone.  The said Chief Minister lost elections and out went the F1 project.  But undettered the Jaypee group stepped in and built the Buddh(a) International Circuit which is due to host the Indian GP for the first time ever in the last weekend of October.  Even before this race has been organised the Goa government has been saying for sometime that as a part of a tourism package they will build an F1 spec circuit.  Our question is for what?  To have go kart racing?