The high profile divorce between Renault and Mahindra last year is now well known.  Renault sought to venture into India with Mahindra and brought in the Logan as its entry vehicle.  The Logan in Europe is sold mainly under the Romanian car maker Dacia’s badge. Renault owns Dacia fully.  Under the stewardship of Carlos Ghosn, Renault was looking for more volumes and therefore worked on an inexpensive but competent car and the product they came out with was the Logan.  Keeping costs down meant that the Logan looked very ordinary with hardly any styling but the car itself is competent and spacious, a quality that has endeared the car to the taxi trade with most Radio cab players in the country preferring it.  The Logan took of reasonably well in the country but the bickering between Renault and Mahindra led to its sales slowing down.  But after the divorce Mahindra has given the car some attention and sales have improved. Now that the collaboration with Renault is over and because Renault holds the rights over the Logan name, Mahindra has given it the Verito moniker.  From now on the car will be Verito and sport only Mahindra badging.  It is believed that in the future, the car will also get styling tweaks and that a sub four metre version will also make it into the market.