Indian companies seem to be the lucky charm of ailing car companies.  Tata took over Jaguar and changes in Jaguar’s fortunes became visible soon enough.  Jaguar now is ambitiously looking forward to a good future.  Mahindra has only just finished the take over of Ssangyong and it is being reported that the Korean car maker has recorded its best sales in the past three years.  For the sceptics who want to scoff at this theory here is the explanation.  Mahindra may only have completed the actual take over recently but the process has been on for the last one year nearly.  It looks like the news of a takeover has given confidence to the Korean buyers to look at Ssangyong more seriously.  Also a couple of new products were in the pipeline and they too seemed to have contributed to the increase in sales.  All in all, good news for Mahindra.