Riot Engine caught Nissan’s Global Sedan, known as the Sunny in China, testing in Chennai. The Teana-ish grill and the Micra-ish central console were definitely working against the camouflage, minimal as it may have been.

That isn’t livery, just us going overboard with the watermarking!

The car looks real good in flesh, but that might just be the grey color working its magic. Contrary to some pictures that surfaced on the web of the Sunny in thailand, with black interiors, this one had a fully beige interior. The funky central console, as seen in the Micra was  finished in the usual dull aluminium, and was just as funky as it’s always been. The seats appear to be well bolstered relative to what the Micra has to offer.

The passengers at the rear get two AC vents, one stacked on top of the other. If the car is priced between Rs. 4.85 and Rs. 6.10lakh, as speculated in various automotive websites, then expect the DZire and Manza to have something to worry about. The Etios? With a prefix like ‘Toyota’ and the average Indian car buyer who places more trust in Toyota than on God, we’re sure the Etios will be in demand for some time. We expect the Nissan to put up a good fight though, considering it is the better looking car amongst its peers.