We are perhaps being unkind by putting the term new in inverted commas in the header.  This time around the changes to the bike are more substantial than the usual launch of new and more garish colours.  There is a small change in the shape of the tank and it now sports extensions (who will stop this trend) which seem to have become mandatory and has the CBZ Xtreme written on them.  The instruments have also been changed and has gone the digital way with the speed being shown in digits a la Pulsar and Apache and the tachometer still featuring a needle and a dial (which gets mistakenly reported by fellow journalists as analogue).   The rear features a new design tail lamp with indicators fitting into the same triangular space, but the front fairing has been changed but the mumps type indicators continue.  There are a host of new colours and mercifully some of them are not garish.  This change is surprising considering the fact that it is widely believed that the rights to the CBZ are with Honda and not with Hero. Maybe they will call it by some other name but will retain the model when the licence expires.  But that is still a while away, since those changes will kick in only in 2014.  For pics of this bike please proceed to motoroids.com.