Bajaj Auto is focused on increasing its market share in India exponentially.  It is right now number two after runaway leader Hero Honda.  But the Indian market is bound for a massive shake up in the next couple of years owing mainly to the split between Honda and Hero.  We have already reported the aggressive plans that Honda is making and defensive measures that Hero wants to take up to basically retain its position at the top.  In the tumult there could be opportunities for existing players to move up a few notches.  Bajaj seems to be turning every stone to ensure that it will be in a position to capitalize on any of the available opportunities.  Bajaj has now put a strategy in place where it will protect its position as numero uno in the performance bike market where it leads with a 27% market share.  In the middle segment which the company is calling the “deluxe commuter” it is in position two with a share of 22% and it is Bajaj’s idea to increase this to at least 25% in the short term.  In the long term Bajaj hopes to build on the bottom segment which is where Hero Honda leads.  Bajaj will reintroduce the value for money Boxer brand to plug a weak area and build on it.  The new Boxer will come sometimes towards the end of the year and will have a cubic capacity of more than 100, while the pricing will be in the less than Rs. 40,000.  Bajaj wants to be a specialist motorcycle manufacturer with the intent of becoming number one in India, though it does not openly say it, and also become a player of consequence in the international space with its tie-up with KTM for the developed markets and with its present load of exports of existing products to underdeveloped countries.  Bajaj is the largest exporter of two wheelers from India.