The web is teeming with news that Peugeot has shortlisted the 508 model car and the 3009 MPV for an Indian launch sometime this year. Peugeot is trying to ensure that it does not make mistakes in India again. It is believed that Peugeot will start its operations with CBUs of the models just cited and will go for a full fledged assault in India in the year 2013 when its new plant in India will be fully functional. Sources say that its new plant will be located either in Andhra Pradesh or in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that the Andhra Pradesh government has made an incredible offer of land at Re.1 per acre near Tada which is very close to Chennai since Peugeot wanted a port nearby. However, Peugeot seems more inclined towards Tamil Nadu and is waiting for an answer from the new government that will be elected to power following the impending elections. Peugeot has said that it will announce the location of the plant after the new government is sworn in Tamil Nadu, around the month of June or July.