Every one of you who have watched the second Motogp of the race at Jerez will remember Rossi’s overtaking move under Casey Stoner leading to his (Rossi’s) bike low siding and taking Casey Stoner out of the race. Those of you who watched the race carefully would also have seen Stoner remonstrating with the track marshals and sarcastically applauding Rossi as he went by after he had picked up his bike. Rossi gestured an apology, went into Stoner’s pit garage and heard him say a few nasty things. Fair enough, considering the fact that he got punted out will Rossi was able to remount and get to fifth. But Stoner has given a new twist to the whole thing by saying that Rossi also enjoys the support of marshals so much so that they pushed Stoner away into the gravel when his bike was still running in the past, and that at Jerez they refused to help him restart the bike. He claims that this is something all riders have to face. Strong accusation that, but we all know how Motogp fans (not just Rossi fans) applauded Stoner when he has crashed and booed and jeered him when he won. Eurocentrism is still alive perhaps. This should be a grim reminder to other riders to not fall.