You have to agree that RBR or Red Bull Racing keeps fans of F1 suitably entertained even when there is no race happening. Helmut Marko with his Sebastian Vettelisms and anti Webberisms keeps everybody amused. Remember last year when he accused Webber of taking Vettel out of a race when it was Vettel who took Webber out of the race? A slightly unhappy Lewis Hamilton (after the first race in Melbourne) claimed that Red Bull was just a drinks company and did not have the pedigree of either Ferrari or McLaren. (He seems to have forgotten that it was the same Adrian Newey now at RBR, who turned McLaren when they were having free fall a decade and more ago into a winning team again). Marko, the opportunist does not lose an opportunity for controversy so he decides to kill two birds with one sentence. He claimed that RBR would love to have Hamilton alongside Vettel. Don’t know what happened to Mark Webber or Lewis Hamilton but RBR Team Principal Christian Horner has had a panic attack of sorts and has hastily said that Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in the same team will be the script of what happened at McLaren when Alonso and Hamilton were together. So he said that he would like to let things be at least for the time being. Panic attack and all is alright but did Horner somehow forget that Vettel and Webber were hitting out at each other rather than hitting it of together?