Polaris is a manufacturer like none other and so they have to market their vehicles like none other. While most automakers can simply rope-in a celebrity to stand by their vehicle and sell their products, that isn’t the case with Polaris. Their vehicles are unique and need a different marketing approach. So what Polaris decided to do was take a popular scenic route, the Chennai-Pondy 140 km drive on the East Coast Road and try and make the experience unforgettable. How? By taking the long way round!

Polaris informed us that the 100 km journey would take 8-10 hours to complete, a journey that normally takes less than 4 hours to complete. So it was a bit strange and then we saw that the route was something unimaginable. They had plotted a route that ran on the sands of the shore line of the Bay Of Bengal nearly all the way to Pondicherry.

The Vehicles

Our convoy included a collection of RZR S800s, Sportsman 500s, a RZR 800 4-Seater and a Ranger 500.

The Route

Our route started at ‘Off Road Sports’ track on the East coast road and went through Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, past the spot where the river Pallar drains itself into the sea, Paramankeni, Alamparai fort, Marakkanam and ended at a beach resort in Pondy. The terrain was entirely made of soft sand, but occasionally some diversions had to be taken due to the absence of drivable terrain.

Every vehicle from Polaris is expected to cope with just about every terrain imaginable. And we could see that. From sandy beaches to grassy terrain, these machines made them look so easy! The event was organized to showcase the abilities of the Polaris vehicle range, and at the end of the drive, we were convinced that there was no terrain the Polaris vehicles could not handle.