Dorna, the organisation that runs both the MotoGP and World Superbikes, has released a further set of new rules in order to rationalise the structure of the two championships.  World Superbikes which had a set of three qualifying sessions culminating in the Superpole will be scrapped from 2014 onwards and will be replaced by a MotoGP kind of qualifying where in the top 10 riders from the free practice sessions will go straight to the second leg of qualifying while the rest will have to go through the first leg and only two from this will go into the second leg. This is done with the intention of spicing up qualifying and making it TV viewer friendly and also to ensure that the back marker teams also get adequate coverage on TV and therefore provide benefits to their sponsors.

The starting time of the WSBK will be moved from 10.30 AM (local time of each country where the race will be held) to 2,30 PM. It it believed that the two race format may be given the boot and it may get replaced by three categories of running viz. World Supersport 600cc, World Superstock 1000cc and World Superbikes (including the EVO class for 2014 and only as EVO from 2015). It is hoped that running only one race in each category as is being done in MotoGP would make it viewer friendly on TV. It has also been decided that WSBK races will be run in such a way that there is no clash of timings either with MotoGP or with Formula1.

Riders will also get penalty points for infringements and the time duration for the penalty points will be 12 months and not one season. These are the recommendations that emerged out of a meeting for the World Superbikes Commission which met on 8th November, 2013 and the next meeting is scheduled for 10th December, 2013 for further clarification of rules.