Only last year Piaggio launched the Vespa LX scooter in India. Most people thought that LX stood for the trim level but it is 60 in the Roman numerals. Piaggio had introduced the scooter in 2006 originally to commemorate the 60 years of the Vespa brand. This year news has been doing rounds that the ultra spartan but sexy 946 would be the next Vespa launch. Now we hear about the Primavera which seems to combine elements of the LX and 946 (short for 1946, the year that the Vespa brand was launched) and that it will come to India next year. Vespa LX

This is the Vespa LX

Vespa 946 Quarantasei 2011 EICMA

And this is the Vespa 946

and this is the Primavera. Can you see the combination of the LX (front) and 946 (rear side panels)

Vespa-Primavera-4557_l (1)