After halting the production of the Estilo, ET says Maruti will now phase out the A-Star in India. The fall in demand for these cars is said to be one of the reasons for phasing them out.

In addition to that, for the past five years Maruti has been manufacturing the A-Star in its Manesar plant for Nissan, which sells it rebadged as the Pixio. This contract is set to expire this month. ET also points out that while 7,171 A-Stars were manufactured in September more than 6,500 were exported. Sales for the A-Star in September stand at a meagre 399 units. Hover over the interactive chart above for the numbers, or in case you are on a touch enabled device, tap on the point.

Surprising though are the numbers of the Ertiga. Dangerously close to the to-be-nuked territory, but we doubt Maruti will end their ‘Luv’ child’s run so early.

Maruti Suzuki A-Star Aktiv Front 3/4

Source: ET