Keith's V8 engine

The petrol is in a jar placed on a table. The entire setup is outlandlish. Everything looks unreal. Yet, Keith has a video to show. This 0.48L with most components machined at home using manual lathes and mills, works. The tiny 0.48L engine has the usual lazy notes at idle of bigger V8s that we so love.

Keith's Home made V8 : Crankshaft

Keith has used a Megasquirt MS2 fuel injection and he ran into a roadblock when the Megasquirt ECU would lose communication with his laptop consistently. After having taken a break from the project, one day Keith used a different laptop and input a random ignition map and the V8 mill started burbling! Turns out the issue was with the laptop and not the ECU. He’s fine tuned the maps now. The alloy block, drilled crankshaft, tungsten-alloy flywheel are all works of art. Keith built a tube bender before he started on the pipes. The exhaust pipes were also polished and Keith admits he did that even though he knows the pipes will turn blue once the engine starts running!

Head on to Home Model Engine Machinist for a detailed read through. Keith has documented the progress of the project with great detail.

Not surprisingly, Keith has also begun work on a V10 while continuing to improvise on the V8!

Keith's Home made V8 : Manual Tube Bender

Keith's Home made V8 : Exhaust Pipes