Sergey Sirotkin

Monisha Kaltenborn, team principal at Sauber F1 team has confirmed that Sergey Sirotkin has tested an old Ferrari F1 car at their the Fiorano Circuit on Monday, according to Auto Bild. This was a step in obtaining a super license for the 18-year old, who may be racing for the team as near as the 2014 season. The test is said to have been done on a 2009 F1 car, thus not violating any of the FIA rules against testing. This is the first time the Russian has got a taste of an F1 car around a F1 circuit. The only other F1 experience he had was of a show-run in Sochi, last month. “We received very positive feedback from the engineers when they talk to him, He shows the right attitude, listening too, learns quickly. But that says nothing about how he will be on the track. What step we also undertake, it must be meaningful we want things to not push through. We’ll see how it evolves, and then make our decision”, The team Principal said.