Tesla Model S Fire

Somewhere outside Seattle, a Tesla Model S went up in flames after colliding with a metallic object on the road. Tesla has released a statement and emphasizes that the fire was limited to the front portion of the car and did not spread into the interior.

Tesla offered AutoblogGreen a statement:

Yesterday, a Model S collided with a large metallic object in the middle of the road, causing significant damage to the vehicle. The car’s alert system signaled a problem and instructed the driver to pull over safely, which he did. No one was injured, and the sole occupant had sufficient time to exit the vehicle safely and call the authorities. Subsequently, a fire caused by the substantial damage sustained during the collision was contained to the front of the vehicle thanks to the design and construction of the vehicle and battery pack. All indications are that the fire never entered the interior cabin of the car. It was extinguished on-site by the fire department.