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It should come as no surprise that Lewis Hamilton often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to media reports, specifically on stories that do not necessarily have much to do with the sport the British racing driver is associated with. Hamilton and Rosberg were being filmed jet-skiing at Monaco for a promotional feature. Swiss newspaper Blick Sport’s F1 correspondent Roger Benoit had written that Lewis lost his temper with a boat-load of photographers and executed a sharp turn spraying them in his wake, and that Mercedes had offered to foot the bill for damages alleged to be worth $150,000.

However, a Mercedes source has rubbished the reports. “The TV equipment is fine, as Sky themselves confirmed to journalists asking questions yesterday,” said the source.

“One photographer who failed to protect his camera equipment got some water inside it. But not specifically from something Lewis did. As he is a freelancer, we will make the goodwill gesture of helping to repair/replace the equipment,” he added.

While we make no claim to have the exact details of what happened, we cannot fathom why Lewis would lose his cool, especially when filming for a Sky TV feature. A situation not very unlike those, when sections of the media think it is acceptable to write in detail about Lewis’ on off relationship with Nicole or his strained relationship with his father.