Mercedes-Benz unveiled the flagship new S-Class sedan in style at the Airbus 380 delivery centre in Finkenwerder. The new S-Class model range comprises of the S 500, S 400 Hybrid, S 350 BlueTEC and the S 300 BlueTEC Hybrid, all of them available in either the short or the longwheel base variant. This is the first S-Class in which the long wheelbase variants were developed first and the short wheelbase models derived from them, thanks to a number of markets where the S-Class is mostly chauffeur driven. The S-Class also dispenses with electric bulbs and uses only LEDs everywhere. The V8 model (S 500) also gets ROAD SURFACE SCAN technology that uses a stereo camera to detect bumps and sets up the suspension instantaneously to deal with it, another world first.


Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 22

The the radiator grille is now larger, upright and more three-dimensional. The S-Class stands elegant with its long bonnet, flowing roof line and gently slanting rear. The ‘Dropping Line’ dominates the side profile and the interplay of convex and concave surfaces makes the side profile interesting. The rear is dominating by horizontal lines that emphasize the width of the car. The tail lamps are new and the level of detail is astounding. Mercedes-Benz says the other signature design feature is the rear windshield cutting into the C-pillar. The rounded corners on the rear windshield as well as the powerful roof line add a coupe touch to the new S-Class.

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Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 slightly sloping rear

Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 14

Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 15

Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 16

Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 17


Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 Rear Tail lamp

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All LED illumination; no electric bulbs anywhere

Almost 500 LEDs are used in crafting an S-Class. Headlamps include upto 56 LEDs, tail lights upto 35 LEDs and in the interior more than 300 LEDs are used. The functionality of the LEDs is very impressive. The brake lights dim at night or while standing at traffic signals.


During launch, the S-Class line-up will feature two hybrid versions(S 400 Hybrid, S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID), a petrol model (S 500) and a diesel variant ( S 350 BlueTEC). Mercedes-Benz says the new generation S-Class have upto 20 percent lower fuel consumption than the outgoing model series. Mercedes-Benz also says there is a S 500 Hybrid in the making, which will be the first class to boast of a fuel consumption number less than 4 litres per 100 km.


The new S-Class is the world’s first car to be able to detect bumps on the road ahead. The new S-Class has ROAD SURFACE SCAN technology that detects road conditions using a stereo camera and MAGIC BODY CONTROL instantaneously sets up the suspension to deal with the pothole or bump. Mercedes-Benz is offering this only on the flagship eight-cylinder model, the S 500. Standard equipment for the new S-Class includes the continuously operating Adaptive Damping System ADS PLUS and an enhanced version of the full air suspension system AIRMATIC.


Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 Interiors Twin TFT screen

There are two high-resolution TFT colour displays in 8:3 format that together form the new information centre in the S-Class. The one on the left performs the functions of the driver’s instrument cluster while the one on the right has controls to the infotainment system.

Addresses can be entered by voice into the navigation system in one go without pausing in between. Mercedes-Benz calls this LINGUATRONIC system. The telephone and audio systems can also be voice-controlled. New feature for this year is the ability to have text messages read out loud.

Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 11

How much does the new S-Class pamper occupants? Where does one even start? ENERGIZING massage, is based on the hot stone massage technique and uses 14 separate air cushions that also have an integrated warming function. The electric arms rests are also now heated. There is a choice of five different rear seat variants including an Executive seat with a backrest angle of 43.5 degrees. Active seat ventilation using reversible fans draws cool air from the interiors to reduce the seat temperate for 4 minutes after which it switches back to normal mode where it acts as a blower!


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Mercedes Benz S Class 2014 12

A host of safety features complete the S-Class package. Prices for the new S-Class in Europe are as follows.

Model : Short Wheelbase/Long Wheelbase Price in Euros
S 350 BlueTEC : 79,789.50/85,323.00

S 400 HYBRID : 85,204.00/91,094.50

S 500 : 104,601.00/107,635.50

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