The Ford EcoSport Urban Discoveries contest has been moving along steadily one phase after the other. The only interface the general public has had with the contest and its participants is the website where you could check out the entries and vote for your favourites. The second phase of the contest has begun, where shortlisted contestants from various cities audition with hopes of being selected for the final 35 teams who will take part in the last stage.

Until now, we’ve been clueless as to whats happening backstage but for a couple of user posted videos on YouTube. Now Ford has a couple of behind the scenes videos on YouTube that show what goes into the mix.

Two vehicles have generated massive pre-launch hype this year. The Honda Amaze and the Ford EcoSport. While the Amaze was talked about a lot, awaited for and finally booked by the thousands, the EcoSport is yet to be launched but has been caught on camera by more people in the country than ever before.

So it isn’t really surprising that a large number of the contestants are ‘ordinary’ people, who probably haven’t been in front of the camera before and have been coaxed out of their comfort zones by the sheer enthusiasm for the EcoSport. Middle aged men with thick moustaches going on camera and naming Bipasha Basu to be their ‘dream’ passenger, scrawny youngsters coming up with ‘punch’ dialogues and delightful Sardars with their infectious enthusiasm, the Urban Discoveries auditions have them all! This is not your usual reality show, people, this is different.

Lest we forget, there’s one youngster who claims the EcoSport is ‘easy enough to drive that even your grandmother can drive it’. Whoa dude, what’s left for us to write about when we do review the EcoSport?