Suzuki Inazuma 01

A commercial? Or as some reports suggest, a product placement in Salman’s next movie. Regardless, the inline twin cylinder Suzuki Inazuma 250 has been spotted in India, which in all probability means the motorcycle is coming to India after all. Sigh.

The power and torque figures have not been specified on any official Suzuki Motorcycles website, but European auto journos who have ridden the motorcycle claim the power figures to be around 24 bhp and torque of 16 pound-foot which is around 23Nm.

Suzuki please stop wasting time and money that would be better used on a motorcycle people would actually buy in India.

The Suzuki Inazuma and it’s bulletproof reliability makes it an able workhorse of an urban commuter, which might work in the European and Chinese markets. Here in India, where we consider a 200cc+ machine as a lifestyle product, specs on paper speak as much as styling. Taking these factors into account, the Inazuma should be probably DOA.

The Inazuma’s transmission is a six speed box and fuel efficiency is a claimed 85 MPG or 36 KPL. We wonder if the Inazuma might actually do way better if they slapped on a ‘Hero Honda Karizma+’ sticker on it and put it on the shelf. Think about it, unstressed powerplant, decent fuel efficiency, slightly larger displacement, slightly improved power and torque figures and as we mentioned earlier, bulletproof Japanese reliability. Seems to be the perfect evolution of the last generation favourite, the HH Karizma.

Source: PowerDrift on Facebook